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Measuring Guide

Made to Measure Blinds.

All our blinds are made to measure to your exact requirements, meaning no need for cutting down readymade products to size by yourself. If you know your sizes or how to measure for them, then you can go straight to selecting your product, obtain prices and order your samples or finished products. If you know your sizes but are unsure what product you require, then try our quick quote form on the home page to obtain prices in different blind types. If you require guidance on how to measure please follow our instructions below or give us a call if still unsure. We have been manufacturing blinds since 1987 so have lots of experience we can pass on.

Blind Measuring Instructions

You will need a metal tape measure cloth tapes are not accurate enough and a pen and paper to write down the sizes. You can measure your window in centimetres, millimetres, or Inches.  The blinds can be ordered as Blind, Fabric or Recess sizes. Please be clear at the point of ordering.

How to measure Roller Blinds.

Decide wether you want the blind to fit on the inside or outside of the recess.

Inside Recess.
Measure the inside width of your window at the top, plaster to plaster.. This is your Recess width.
Measure the inside length or drop of your window.  This is your Recess drop. We will ensure the blind fits within the opening. However, please ensure that there are no obstructions part of the way down the window, IE Dado rails, half tiled windows or telephone sockets etc.

Outside Recess

Occasionally customers prefer their blinds to fit on the outside of the recess or on a door. These can be ordered as “fabric width” meaning the visable fabric will be the width you order. The Outside edges of the brackets will finish approxamately 35mm wider than this measurement. It is not an exact measurement because one end of the roller has a sprung pin which allows for a little flexibility. 35mm will be the MAX extra width the brackets will be compared to the fabric. If you want the roller barrel to be more than 35mm wider than the fabric please specify. We can do this and you will simply slide the fabric along the tube to its required position once the blind is installed. Please be aware however that the roller tube will be visable when the blind is fitted unless you order a closed cassette to house it in.

Finally, please specify which type of operating chain you require, which side you want it on and and Scallops or eyelets etc. This is usually easier done with a conversation so don’t hesitate to call.

How to measure Vertical Blinds.

  • Determine whether the blind is fitting on the inside or outside of the recess as with Roller Blinds.
  • Decide whether you are supplying us with a “recess size” or a “Blind Size” Blind size will be the exact size you order from end cap to end cap and from the top of the rail to the bottom of the fabric. The brackets will add a couple of mm on to the drop but are not included in the measurements as occasionally people fit the rail without any brackets. A blind ordered “Recess Size” will come to you approximately 10mm narrower and shorter (not including brackets ) than the sizes you give us.
  • Decide wether you want to top fix or face fix the blinds. TOP TIP. If you are face fixing the blinds into PVC windows order 127mm brackets to go with your 89mm slats. This means that the slats usually miss the window handles when operated

How to measure Vision Blinds.

  • Vision Blinds will be supplied fitted inside a cassette. Specify whether you want the cassette to be “open” or “closed” Open means you will be able to see the roller blind inside the cassette, closed almost hides it all but is bulkier.  Then give us either the Blind size which will be the exact width of the cassette  and the exact drop of the blind when it is in the closed position, or the recess size. Recess sizes  will be approx. 10mm  narrower and shorter than you give us when the blind is in the closed position.

How to measure Vertical Slats Only.

  • Simply give us the finished Hem to Hem size you require and how many slats you need. It is your resoncibility to ensure that our hangers will fit your existing headrail. Do not give us any other sizes as the depth of the headrail can vary considerably. If you are unsure on receipt of your order we can post you a hanger.

How to measure Pleated Freehanging/Skylight blinds.

  • Give us the exaxt size that you want the blind to be. We will fit it into a frame prior to despatch and ensure that it is correctly tensioned up if needed.

How to measure Conservatory Roof Blinds.

  • Conservatory Roof Blinds are not a DIY product and we will not manufacture any blind that we have not measured. However for an accurate quotation simply measure the MAX depth and width of the floor then telephone for advice.

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